12 Linkedin Profiles to Follow March 2024

12 Linkedin Profiles to Follow march 2024. Each month, we will highlight some of the profiles we enjoy seeing content from on various social media platforms. Here are our 12 Linkedin Profiles for March. Enjoy.

We enjoy following them…

And hope you will, too. Got a profile we should check out and potentially feature. Let us know.



social media

Generating great reports and giving a fantastic example of how a company can do social without being a control freak

Kelly Weaver

Kelly (Brown) Weaver

global hr

All around great person and a pet lover

John Hyman

Jon Hyman

labor law

Not all lawyers are bad. Oh, and his content is funny and smart.

Kalli Combs

Kalli Combs

Social media

Sharing some great content about her journey of change.

ohio university

Ohio University


This school shaped my creativity and business mind. Oh, and they just turned 220 years young

Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones

Digital content

Always fun content and comments.

Jennifer McGinley

Jennifer (McClure) McGinley

Public Relations

One of the best PR People on. the planet.

Mercury Bank

Mercury Bank


You need to follow them for an example of how to do any type of corporate account.




A great bunch of people starting to make a change

shakeszpeare gpt


Our new gpt

Creates social media content with a mix of Gen Z slang and Shakespeare.




Get the game changing info direct from the game changers

Linkedin Help

Linkedin Help

get it from the source

You can see what issues are happening via their comments.

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