12 Open to Work Profiles

12 Open to Work Profiles with the green banner on Linkedin. Let’s see if we can help them find the job they are looking for sooner rather than later. This is not an endorsement for them employers should vet them accordingly. We have all been in this situation.

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I’ll be doing different categories of 12 people to follow in certain things like speakers, podcasters, consultants, sales, marketing, social media, HR, etc. If you would like to be featured submit your request. Thanks.

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christopher espino

Christopher Espino

New York City, ny

Creative Director & Software Engineer | Building a Better Future with AI

chris jeffers

Chris Jeffers

cleveland, ohio

Cybersecurity Professional

Tamara Swearingen

Tamara Swearingen

San Francisco, CA

Principal Recruiter | Senior Technical Contract Recruiter | Executive Recruiter 

aaron delaney

Aaron Delaney

Jackson, MI

Account Manager

alison ehrmann

Alison Ehrmann

New York city, NY


courtney jones

Kevin Wheeler

riverside, CA

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

robert innis

Robert Innis

Boston, MA

Brand Manager

kari williamson

Karli Williamson

Portland, OR

Revenue-focused marketer with a passion for demand gen, partnerships, and field 

valerie spittler

Valerie Spittler

omaha, NE

RFP Analyst/Proposal Writer

lakya washington

Lakya Washington

mccomb, MS


catherine ly

Catherine Ly

long Beach, CA

Project Manager

heather mcbride

Heather McBride

portland, or

Content Design and UX Leadership

12 Open to Work Profiles because we have all been in this situation.

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