5 Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Worrying About Monetization – Monetization is an online phrase for “making money” and just like in the real world making money happens after and not before you’ve done two major things Consistently Putting Out Content and Finding What Emotionally Connects with Your Audience. 
  2. Not Building an Audience – Once we have emotionally connected with our audience then we must give them what they want and when they want it. Just because they liked us this morning does not mean they won’t be on to something new later in the day. Without knowing what their emotional connection is the content we put out can suffer.
  3. Not Listening to That Audience – We find that out by listening. The audience will not always know what they want. Don’t take everything they say literally. However, do pay attention to their actions. That is more important and should not be undervalued.
  4. Not Understanding Who the Customer Really Is – A customer is a person that puts money into your pocket. Someone being nice to you is not a customer. They’re an audience member that is a potential customer.
  5. Not Understanding Who the Customer Really Is Not – It is critical that you not only know who your customer is but who they are not. This will help you to listen and grow a viable business

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