T-Shirt Film Fundraiser

We have a short-term t-shirt fundraiser going on between now and early January for the film “Social Media Does Not Have to Suck!”  It is a 28-day campaign. We’re trying to sell 150 t-shirts. On day one we sold 10. Thank you in advance for your support of the project.

Social Media: Does Not Have to Suck – The Movie

That’s right! Bobby the Bear is making a movie. We’re planning on shooting the film in Las Vegas during May of 2019. His GoFundMe campaign is off to a great start and 2% of the goal has already been achieved. Become a part of the fun. You can get more details on The Movie Page.…

Bobby the Bear Has a Dream To Make a Movie

That’s right. You can help. Depending on your level of help you’ll find yourself in the film. Donations from $5 +100 Available (See GoFundMe for remaining amount left) 🐻 Bobby will mention your name in the end credits Donations from $19.99 +100 Available (See GoFundMe for remaining amount left)    🐻🐻  Bobby sends you a personalized…

Bobby the Bear Is Proving Social Media Does Not Have to Suck

Bobby the Bear is having a blast with his YouTube and LinkedIn escapades. He’s also sometimes on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a link to a playlist that will follow his Entrepreneurial journey over the next few months Bobby the BearEntrepreneurial Journey