Social Media Consulting $49.99

We’ve been doing this fun crap for a long time. Here’s the truth everyone thinks it is about telling your story. You see it all the time in posts. That’s not what it is about. If it was then story would be enough.

Having a successful social media campaign is about these things

  1. Point of View – It really is about what is your point-of-view.
    1. How are you unique?
    2. What makes you different?
    3. Why are you special?
    4. These are three critical questions to ask and know the answer to because without them you won’t get heard or seen.
  2. Speaking Your Truth – Let’s be clear. Not everyone is going to like you or your product. That’s not even the goal. Customers buy or engage when they feel an emotional connection to you or your product.
  3. Not Doing it Alone – It is really important to get an outside perspective. You need someone to encourage you down the proper path and to speak up when you may be heading right into a brick wall.

You can continue to bang your head against the wall or chat with us and in 30-minutes you’ll have the answers to the above challenges. Book a half-hour chat now for $49.99.  Or buy 2 sessions for $99.98 and get 1 session free.

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